Semantic Leads

What are Semantic Leads?

Semantic Leads are a higher level of quality lead derived from dig data, technology, and statical science. The goal is to amplify or enhance the ROI of your current or ongoing lead process. Using big data and technology we can align digital marketing in such a way to increase reach, branding and overall ROI.

Insurance Lead Companies

We work directly with insurance companies to increase their ROI on every direct mail, radio and TV campaigns. Our services also offer branding and current customer focus outreach to drive repeat business as well as cross sell opportunities to increase the time a consumer stays with the company increasing their ROI. We specialize in Life, Home, Auto, Renters and Final Expense Leads as well as Medigap and Medicare!

Direct Mail Companies

We can leverage technology to drive more engagements and increase the ROI of your email campaigns in many markets like Insurance, Law, Mortgage and more. We are completely white label so your clients just see the increase and you look like the ROI HERO.


We can help show true, actionable engagements in real-time for your advertisers enhancing your credibility, and delivering results. Your clients will experience increased ROI and have true sales attributes.

The Semantic Leads process takes about 7-10 days to set up once we receive your TARGETED LIST. We will deploy it in concert with your advertising efforts and provide regular success reports along the way.

We also offer LEAD PAGES that will help your clients SEO and provide with a long tail lead stream unlike any other marketing technology, making a true impact on the bottom line!