Medicare Supplement Plans for 2017

Medicare Supplement Plans

With millions of people on Medicare Part A and Part B it is no wonder we get thousands of calls regarding Medicare supplement plans.

Top 10 Medicare Supplement Questions

When do I start my Medicare supplement?

You can start your Medicare supplement plan as soon you qualify however to get guaranteed approval you need to do it within the allotted time which is triggered by when you start your Medicare supplement part B.

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Which Medicare supplement is right for me?

The correct supplement plan for you should be based onNeeds as well as monthly premium and we also suggest understanding the total cost of ownership over your lifetime. The total cost of ownership may help you understand which plan to pick based on overall expenses not just monthly expenses.  Medicare Supplement Quotes 

Best Medicare supplement insurance company?

The plans are regulated by the government and each insurance company has to offer the same benefits within the plan letter, so once you decide which plan benefits work best for you then you need to choose which insurance company to go with based on preference, price, brand or a suggestion but we recommend the lowest price which will help you save money overtime.

How can I save on Medicare supplemental insurance?

We suggest the hybrid model, Which is and advanced concept that will require a little bit of thought and effort on the customers part but could save thousands over the life of your benefits. This plan requires you to take a Medigap annuity and then purchase a Medicare supplement when as high deductible. The high deductible Medicare supplement plans are very inexpensive in monthly premium, and the difference between that in the Cadillac plans monthly payment you would put into a Medigap annuity allowing you to have funds to pay co-pays, coinsurance and the deducitibles as out of balance grows. If you remain healthy in money is not completely spent out of that Medigap annuity each year the balance carries over and often provides a return on the annuity making this a great way to manager overall expenses for healthcare. No need to give the insurance company more than they deserve, but it will take a little bit of management on your part. I've seen this medigap hybrid model Save customers thousands!  Medicare Supplement Quotes Can I be denied a Medicare supplement insurance?

If you or outside the guaranteed enrollment period you may be required to go through medical underwriting at the insurance carrier level and if you do not meet their medical requirements you can be denied.

What's the earliest I can buy an insurance policy?

Most insurance companies will allow you to subscribe or enroll in a plan six months prior to your part B trigger and then go up in effect on the first day of your part B approval.

Does it cover prescription drugs?

Most Medicare supplement plans do not cover prescription drugs, you would need to buy a prescription drug plan independently from the company like CVS.

Do I pay more using an insurance broker or agent?

Insurance is regulated and the price that you pay for a Medicare supplement plan

Will my doctor accept this plan?

Many doctors are going to cash pay and are not excepting a lot of the Obama care plans or ACA plans however if they accept Medicare then the balance due for those services that were paid by Medicare should be picked up by your Medicare supplement and most doctors will collect from the insurance company that balance.

Can I be canceled from my Medicare supplement?

You cannot be singly canceled or weeded out off of a planned but that does not mean an insurance company cannot pull out of the market..get rates >> Medicare Supplement Quotes 

Top Medicare Insurance Companies

Based on our experience there are several Insurance companies that stand out in different parts of the country and are not available in all states but if these companies are available in your state we recommend you taking a look at them and here's why.

Individual Assurance Company

AAA Medicare Supplement

Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Supplement

Post Retirement benefits

Here are the top 3 things to thnk about when leaving your group plan and company:

1) You may lose your Life Insurance, so you will need to plan for that!

2)Your Car Insurance could potentially go down because you are not driving as much.

3) Your Social Security benefits may be adjusted depending on when you retire, and could potentially go up if you wait to retire providing huge increases over the rest of your life.

We suggest you work with a tax planner, advisor or an attorney to build a comprehensive plan!

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart

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