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Home Insurance: Your Most Important Purchase

You will make purchases in your lifetime that you will probably forget about or would like to forget about. But the single most important purchase you will ever make in your lifetime will be your home. It will provide security for you and your family. It will be an investment that will increase your net worth. It will be your sanctuary when the world gets a little out of control. Investing in your home will give you satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Your home is a very important part of who you are. That’s why it is so crucial to choose an insurance company that will work for you to provide just the right policy and give you the coverage you need in the case of an emergency or disaster.

With the proper home insurance policy in place, in case of a disaster you will have peace of mind knowing that all is not lost. If your agent has done his or her job to educate you on what is required when purchasing home insurance you will have a policy in place that will replace your home dwelling back to it’s original state. Everyone’s requirements are different so be sure you are well informed on the coverage you are purchasing and if you are purchasing enough coverage. If it is replacement value at today’s rates and your home is destroyed 2 to 3 years from now how will you make up the difference of replacement due to the rising cost of materials? Do your homework to find out what is required in your state when it comes to natural disasters. Do you need flood insurance? What about tornado insurance, do live in tornado alley?

Once again, your home is the single most important item you will purchase in your lifetime, don’t trust it to just anyone. The professionals at The Policy Store are well trained and have the experience to walk you through the steps to get you the best home insurance coverage you need at a premium rate that will fit your budget. You have invested in your home to make it a place that will provide shelter for your family as well as dwelling place that will provide memories for years to come. Don’t trust it to just anyone. Have peace of mind knowing you have the coverage you need in the event of an emergency or should disaster strike.

Here are some quick answers to the top questions we get from homeowners:

Homeowners insurance in a flood zone

Now that FEMA has changed many of the boundaries on the official “FEMA FLOOD INSURANCE RATE MAP“, many of our customers are in need of HOME FLOOD INSURANCE, and find it very hard to get flood insurance quotes.

Typically we get a call for flood insurance, when homeowners are looking to buy a new home and they need coverage mandated by the mortgage company. Now that the maps have changed in many communities, people who bought a home outside a flood zone, now may be in one, finding themselves in a position to have to increase their monthly expenses with the new burden of FLOOD INSURANCE. Most people get a notice from their mortgage company, and then they call us to find out what happened. I am sorry to say 99 out of 100 times the mortgage company is right, and you will need to purchase and find a flood policy from one of the many flood insurance companies.


We are a broker and can help you get coverage for your mandatory purchase of flood insurance.


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